Sargent Medal

The Sargent Medal recognises a major contribution to research in the area of computer-aided product and process engineering (CAPE).

It is named after Roger Sargent, former president of IChemE and Courtaulds professor of chemical engineering at Imperial College, the founding father and intellectual leader of process systems engineering (PSE).

The medal is awarded to an individual who has made a significant recent contribution to research into computer-aided product and process engineering. The contribution could encompass, but need not be limited to, a concept that has promoted much interest, the solution of an unsolved problem, new methods/tools leading to innovative processes/products, or a significant advance of the state of the art within the area of process systems engineering addressing global challenges.

Nominations will be considered by a panel of experts, who will recommend a winner to IChemE’s Medals and Prizes Committee.

Criteria this medal will be judged against are:

  1. scientific advances – significantly moving the state of the art on a specific topic in Process Systems Engineering, considering its multidisciplinary impact
  2. scope and significance – demonstrated major impact in terms of application of CAPE methods and tools to solving unsolved-challenging problems, possibly contributing to environmental protection, health and well-being of the planet and society
  3. significance of impact – already widely used within and outside the CAPE-PSE community
  4. patents or publications and citations on a specific topic – pioneered or advanced a topic; motivated others to follow; established a new area of research, addressing global challenges.

How to nominate

To make a nomination, open the online nomination form and complete the information requested, paying attention to the criteria the medal will be judged against. The closing date for nominations is 31 October 2024.

Please note the following:

  • additional documents submitted outside the information provided in the nomination form will not be considered by the judges (unless specified otherwise)
  • we do not accept self-nominations
  • we do not accept nominations for sitting members of the Board of Trustees
  • unless indicated otherwise, medals/prizes are generally awarded to individuals — a single medal shall be presented in all cases.

Contact for more information.

Previous medal winners
  • 2023 — S Macchietto
  • 2021 — L Biegler
  • 2020 — R Gani
  • 2019 — E Pistikopoulos 
  • 2018 — N Shah
  • 2017 — R Smith
  • 2016 — C A Floudas (posthumously)
  • 2015 — C Pantelides
  • 2014 — I Grossmann