Six Pillars of Process Safety

Topic Safety

CPD Hours 6



Explore the six functional areas (or 'pillars') key to achieving good process safety outcomes: knowledge and competence, engineering and design, systems and procedures, assurance, human factors, and culture.

For complete management of process safety, it is vital to ensure that there is high level leadership and commitment across all six functional areas. Each area breaks down aspects of an organisation's business, within each system for leadership, management and action. 

This course explores best practice and latest thinking in each area, before presenting practical, applicable recommendations and next actions you can apply within your own organisation, regardless of sector or job level.

Learning outcomes

The course will help you to understand the importance of the six functional areas in achieving good process safety outcomes.

Who will benefit

Anyone who would like to develop a better, broader understanding of process safety, including managers, engineers and safety personnel.

Course outline

  • Knowledge and competence
  • Systems and procedures
  • Human factors
  • Engineering and design
  • Assurance
  • Culture

In-company delivery

This course is available for in-company delivery, either on-site or online. Content can be tailored to your specific requirements. Request a quotation.

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