IChemE highlights chemical engineering’s contribution to tackling climate change with new collection of articles

IChemE highlights chemical engineering’s contribution to tackling climate change with new collection of articles

9th June 2020

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has published a collection of articles to showcase the range of research papers that have been previously issued in the Institution’s journals on the subject of climate change. Selected by IChemE’s journal editors, the collection has been published in support of the Institution’s numerous initiatives in the climate change arena.

Allowing all those who wish to learn more about how chemical engineers are contributing to the climate change debate, this special collection has been made freely available until the end of the year.

The collection brings together 31 papers from the following journals – Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Food and Bioproducts Processing, Process Safety and Environmental Protection, South African Journal of Chemical Engineering and Sustainable Production and Consumption.

The scope of subjects covered by the collection is vast and include the ‘Economic and environmental benefit analysis of a renewable energy supply system integrated with carbon capture and utilization framework’, ‘Annual biomass variation of agriculture crops and forestry residues, and seasonality of crop residues for energy production in Mexico’ and ‘Integrating life cycle assessment and energy system modelling: Methodology and application to the world energy scenarios’ amongst many more.

An editorial to the collection was provided by IChemE Learned Society Committee member, Colin Pritchard.

Pritchard said:

“The great variety of papers here, the diligence and perceptiveness of the researchers, their passion for facing difficult issues head on, should give us much confidence in the Chemical Engineering community’s response to this greatest issue ever faced by humankind. The thread running through all these articles is the same: the science is inescapable.”

Acknowledging the huge variety of research carried out by chemical engineers on the topic of climate change, IChemE is delighted to share this collection and hope that readers will be inspired by the extensive amount of work carried out within the profession in this important area.

To access the collection, please click here.


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