Why would I want to be a chemical engineer?

Why would I want to be a chemical engineer?

Some professions attract the word “vocation”. Nurses and teachers are often associated with the view that it’s not just about the money, but the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped someone personally and profoundly. Chemical engineers have this opportunity too – playing a significant role in delivering the United Nation’s Global Goals, helping communities all over the world to have access to energy, food, water, healthcare and more. 

Watch the IChemE animation which examines how joined-up thinking by chemical engineers can deliver solutions to society’s future challenges.

In this video, filmed at Recycling Technologies Ltd,  the IChemE looks at the future of the profession.

Watch this animation to show how the profession of chemical engineering has evolved over the last century.

If you are interested in engineering but not sure which direction to go in, why not try this fun quiz from Neon to Meet the Future You.

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