Teesside (UK)

Events archive

Past events organised by Teesside Member Group.

Webinar: National Early Career Committee (NECC) Annual Meeting

All Ireland

The IChemE National Early Career Committee UK&I will be holding its Annual General Meeting, fostering collaboration and professional growth.

  • Date From 9th November 2023
  • Date To 9th November 2023
  • Location Online: 18:00 GMT. Duration: 1 hour.

Site visit to Labman Automation Ltd

Teesside (UK)

A site visit hosted by the Teesside Member Group.

  • Date From 8th November 2023
  • Date To 8th November 2023
  • Location Labman Automation Ltd, Seamer Hill, Stokesley, North Yorkshire TS9 5NQ

Webinar: NECC Get Chartered

Aberdeen (UK)

A Get Chartered webinar for graduates and early careers members.

  • Date From 14th September 2023
  • Date To 14th September 2023
  • Location Online: 14:00 BST. Duration: 2 hours.

Hydrogen Production and Applications for a Green Hydrogen Economy

Teesside (UK)

A presentation about green hydrogen production.

  • Date From 29th June 2023
  • Date To 29th June 2023
  • Location H0.53 Centuria Building, Teesside University & Online

Webinar: Celebrating Women in Engineering Day

Aberdeen (UK)

A webinar to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day.

  • Date From 23rd June 2023
  • Date To 23rd June 2023
  • Location Online: 12:00 BST. Duration: 45 minutes.

Incident Reporting and Annual Meeting

Teesside (UK)

A presentation on Incident Reporting followed by the Member Group's Annual Meeting.

  • Date From 17th May 2023
  • Date To 17th May 2023
  • Location H0.53 Centuria Building, Teesside University

Annual Awards Dinner

Teesside (UK)

Join us for the Teesside annual awards dinner.

  • Date From 9th March 2023
  • Date To 9th March 2023
  • Location Wynyard Hall, Stockton-on-Tees TS22 5NF

Webinar: PhD and Academia

All Ireland

NECC PhD focused meeting looking at the benefits of a PhD for a future career in academia.

  • Date From 8th February 2023
  • Date To 8th February 2023
  • Location Online: 13:00 GMT. Duration: 45 minutes.

Get Chartered

Teesside (UK)

An update on the recently revised Chartered Engineer process and briefly discuss mentoring for those interested in becoming mentors.

  • Date From 7th December 2022
  • Date To 7th December 2022
  • Location H0.53 Centuria Building, Teesside University.

Webinar: IChemE NECC UK&I 2022–23 Annual Meeting

London and South East Coast (UK)

An annual meeting to elect members of the 2022–2023 National Early Careers Committee for the UK and Ireland, followed by guest speakers.

  • Date From 27th October 2022
  • Date To 27th October 2022
  • Location Online: 18:00 BST. Duration: 1 hour.

Webinar: Where has this diversity gone?

Cumbria (UK)

Looking at different experiences for young professional chemical engineers.

  • Date From 7th September 2022
  • Date To 7th September 2022
  • Location Online: 12:00 BST. Duration: 1 hour.

Net Zero Activities Across the Tees Valley

Teesside (UK)

This talk will give a current status of net zero activities and areas of future interest across the Tees Valley.

  • Date From 20th July 2022
  • Date To 20th July 2022
  • Location Room H0.53, Centuria Building, Teesside University, Middlesbrough.