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Webinar: MIPO Webinar Series 2/2021

Webinar: MIPO Webinar Series 2/2021
  • Date From 8th November 2021
  • Date To 8th November 2021
  • Price Free of charge, open to all
  • Location Online: 10:00 MYT. Duration: 1 hour.


More than 150 years ago it was known that excess carbohydrate is the primary cause of obesity. However, in 1973 the AMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) turned around when reviewing cardiologist Dr R. C. Atkin’s Diet Revolution saying that there are potential hazards of a diet very low in carbohydrate and rich in fat increasing the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

In 1961, Ancel Keys who was seen as an expert on diet and health, in the Seven Countries Study believed that heart disease was caused by an excessive consumption of fat, particularly saturated fat. The food industry has for more than five decades promoted low fat food as healthy. Is the science correct or has it gone awry? Tan Sri Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr Augustine S.H. Ong and Ir ChM Qua Kiat Seng will discuss these in their presentations.


  • Palm oil is better than olive oil?
    Tan Sri Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr Augustine S.H. Ong, Malaysia Oil Scientists' and Technologists' Association (MOSTA)

  • Is saturated fat healthy?
    Ir Qua Kiat Seng, Monash University Malaysia


Tan Sri Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr Augustine S.H. Ong, Malaysian Oil Scientists’ and Technologists’ Association (MOSTA)

Academician Tan Sri Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr Augustine S.H. Ong is a graduate of University of Malaya (B.SC. Hons First Class, M.Sc) and University of London King’s College (Ph.D in Organic Chemistry). He is also Fulbright-Hays Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and former Director-General at the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia (PORIM), which is, today, Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB).

He is the founder President of the Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS) since 1987 and still is the Society’s President. He is recognized both nationally and internationally in the field of lipid Chemistry being elected as the Chairman, International Society for Fat Research (ISF) in 1997. He is the founder President and still is the President of The Malaysian Oil Scientists’ and Technologists’ Association.

Tan Sri Augustine Ong was conferred the Senior Fellow of the Academy of Sciences, Malaysia, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry London, Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences, Tokoh Inovasi Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Emeritus Professor, University Science Malaysia (USM), Palm Oil Industry Leadership (PILA) Award, Hon. Doctor of Science, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), Hon. Doctor of Science, The University of Nottingham, Merdeka Award for Health, Science & Technology, Pioneer in Tocotrienol Research from The Oxygen Club of California, Anugerah Tokoh Akademik Negara, Distinguished Science Alumni Award from National University of Singapore, Fellow, King’s College, London and International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA)  Grand Gold Medal & Certificate for Altruistic Promotion of Inventors. He is cited Scientist, Malaysia in Southeast Asian Personalities of Chinese Descent: A Biographical Dictionary.

Ir ChM Qua Kiat Seng, Monash University Malaysia

Ir ChM Qua Kiat Seng is a chemist and chartered chemical engineer with a 32 year career in operations in the palm oil industry covering oil refining, foods, oleochemicals and personal care. He worked for Unilever, ICI and KLK in Malaysia and Europe. He was a General Manager of Uniqema Malaysia Sdn Bhd before retiring in 2005. Subsequently he advised the ASEAN Oleochemical Manufacturers Group (AOMG) until 2019 and was its representative on the RSPO Standing Committee on Trade and Traceability from 2014 to 2019.

Currently he is Senior Lecturer at Monash University Malaysia teaching chemical engineering. He is a Fellow of Monash-Industry Palm Oil Education and Research (MIPO) Platform. He speaks on sustainability, process safety, capability management and manufacturing. A current interest is nutrition. His recent articles in MOST (Malaysian Oil Science & Technology) are “A spoonful of palm oil” and “How saturated fat has been demonized”.


10:00—11:00 MYT.

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