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Desmet launched R&D centre in Malaysia for research exchange in oils & fats

Desmet launched R&D centre in Malaysia for research exchange in oils & fats

24th May 2023

Desmet launched R&D centre


Desmet on Wednesday officially launched its new Desmet Oils & Derivatives Innovation Centre Asia in Malaysia, as part of the company’s broader its oils & fats research and development (R&D) expansion into the Asian market.

Located next to Desmet Malaysia office in Shah Alam, this innovation centre is Desmet’s first R&D facility for oils & fats outside Europe and is set to become a platform for research exchange between Desmet’s global R&D teams, Asia-based clients and local universities and research institutes. Desmet is a global leader in engineering and delivery of processing facilities and technologies for the edible oil and biofuel industries.

“We are very excited about this development as this will allow us to better serve our local oil processing industry in Asia, where our customers can test their products, customise our technologies to meet their specific needs. It also paves the way for collaborative R&D through partnership projects with universities, research institutes allowing a better access to industrial research. Ultimately, this will help enhance the scientific capability of the oils & fats processing industry, as per our company motto – Science Behind Technology” said KK Khoo, Desmet Malaysia’s managing director.

“Asia is an important region for Desmet and establishing a R&D facility here is a logical and necessary step, as this is the region where the world’s top two palm oil producing countries—Malaysia and Indonesia—are located. We also gain better access to customers with  business in other major oils such as palm kernel oil, coconut oil, ricebran oil and cocoa butter,” Khoo said.

Sin Lu Liew, Technical Director of Desmet Malaysia and facility lead added that the R&D centre will be equipped with pilot scale plants of Desmet’s patented technologies—Mobulizer™ and Statolizer™— as well as other crystallisers of different design and various lab and pilot filtration units. A further development of the Desmet Oils & Derivatives Innovation Centre Asia will be done in three phases in the next three years, with the first phase focused on fats modification, phase two on oil refining and phase 3 on oleochemical processing, to cover the whole up- and downstream processing of oils and fats.

Tan Sri Datuk Dr Augustine Ong said that growing global demand for edible oils, especially palm oil, and the objective of the processing sector to meet national and global carbon emissions targets, will need greater R&D focus. On top, food oils need to reply to higher food quality and food safety standards requiring new innovative solutions.

“Palm oil remains the most widely used vegetable oil globally due to its versatility and affordability. It is therefore important that R&D activities, specifically in the processing industry, continue to take place, constantly improving existing technologies and developing new smart and innovative solutions. Not only to meet the global sustainability targets but also to achieve the national net-zero carbon targets as well,” Ong noted.

Desmet, with its global network and now global R&D close to its key Asian market, is well-positioned to support the local oil industry in meeting the increasingly stringent market and regulatory demands. The Oils & Derivatives Innovation Centre Asia in Kuala Lumpur will become another valuable instrument to support the Asian oils & fats industry in responding to growing demand for high quality and highly sustainable oils through science behind technology.

Desmet Oils & Derivatives Innovation Centre Asia will start operating in June 2023.


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Ms Liew Sin Lu
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About Desmet

Desmet is a leading global provider of custom-engineered plants and equipment for the food, feed, and biofuels industries. Our reliable and innovative technologies transform oilseeds, grains and vegetable oils into protein feed/food, edible oils/fats, oleochemicals and biofuel. We deliver best-in-class expertise through 3 long-standing brands: Desmet, RoseDowns and Stolz with a combined experience of over 300 years.

POPSIG presented a token of appreciation to Desmet Malaysia

The Chairlady YBhg Professor The Chair Professor Ir Dr Chong Mei Fong sincerely appreciated Desmet for their support to POPSIG since its launch in 2015.

POPSIG is dedicated to support the students on the palm oil processing research and process design, of which Desmet has sponsored POPSIG for years, to address sustainability and processing efficiency. It is a rewarding partnership with Desmet.

The Chairlady YBhg Professor The Chair Professor Ir Dr Chong Mei Fong also had a positive conversation with The President of Desmet Group Tim Kemper, and the Managing Director of Desmet Malaysia Sdn Bhd Mr Khoo Kiak Kern.

The event was also attended by:

  1. Dr Loh Soh Kheang, Head of Energy and Environment Unit, Engineering and Processing Research Division at Malaysian Palm Oil Board
  2. Mr Ng Wai Lun, Head of Industrial and Corporate Communications, Department of Information, Communications and Technology, POPSIG
  3. Eur Ing Hong Wai Onn, Founder of POPSIG


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POPSIG gratefully appreciates the sponsorship provided by Desmet Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

POPSIG also acknowledges the support provided by Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), Kuala Lumpur-Kepong Oleomas Sdn Bhd (KLK OLEO) and Malaysian Oleochemical Manufacturers Group (MOMG).

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