Hutchison Medal

The medal is named in memory of past IChemE president, Sir Kenneth Hutchison, and is awarded for both practical and wide-ranging, philosophical or thought-provoking published papers.

The Hutchison Medal is awarded for both practical and wide-ranging, philosophical or thought-provoking published papers.

In the award of the Hutchison Medal, IChemE is looking to reward papers that are not sufficiently technical to qualify as candidates for the Moulton Medal, but are nevertheless important contributions to the literature that will stimulate further debate within the chemical engineering community.

How to nominate

Nominations close on 30 September 2020.

Papers are nominated by publications medals board assessors during the year and, delegates attending conferences which form part of IChemE’s Symposium Series are also invited to make nominations.

Nominations are invited from all IChemE members and the final decision is made by the Medals and Prizes Committee with advice from the Publications Medals Board. 

If you are a delegate at an eligible conference you will be invited to make nominations.

For more information and to nominate, visit the make a nomination section.

Medal winners
  • 2021 — S Ghazal, Z Kang, S Ali Mehdi Naqvi, M Raza, S Salehi and C Teodoriu
  • 2020 — A Almena, P J Fryer, S Bakalis and E Lopez-Quiroga
  • 2018/19 — P Hunpinro, S Kohsria, A Meechai, C Prapainainar, P Narataruksa and G Sin - view the winning paper
  • 2017 — G M Campbell and D J Belton
  • 2016 — R Moreno-Peñaranda, A Gasparatos, P Strömberg, A Suwa, A Hadi Pandyaswargo and J A Puppim de Oliveira
  • 2015 — K E Kakosimos
  • 2014 — J Sacher, L Garcia-Llobodanin, F Lopez, H Segura and J R Perez-Correra
  • 2013 — P Willliamson, D W R Wallace, C S Law, P Boyd, Y Collos, P Croot, K Denman, U Riebesell, S Takeda and C Vivian
  • 2012 — R T Sousa, S Liu, L G Papageorgiou and N Shah
  • 2011 — S J Puttick, H J Gibbon, G P Akroyd and A Brown
  • 2010 — L Cusco, G Atkinson, D M Painter, V H Y Tam, K C Waterton, L C Shirvill, T A Roberts and I G Buckland
  • 2009 — M J Prince, M A S Vigeant and K E K Nottis
  • 2008 — N J L Gardener
  • 2007 — B J Lowesmith, G Hankinson, M C Acton and G Chamberlain 
  • 2006 — J V F Berman and P Ackroyd
  • 2005 — M Anderson
  • 2004 — J E S Venart
  • 2003 — H Z Kister
  • 2002 — J P Gupta and D W Edwards
  • 2001 — D I Hicks, B D Crittenden and A C Warhurst
  • 2000 — P-M Choong and P N Sharratt
  • 1999 — J A Wesselingh and A M Bollen
  • 1998 — R G Smith and G C Maitland
  • 1997 — J A Wesselingh
  • 1996 — S E Taylor
  • 1995 — S S Katti
  • 1994 — G A Chamberlain
  • 1993 — F Hjelm and S O Stommen
  • 1992 — S Macchietto 
  • 1991 — J Wilday