Moulton Medals

The two Moulton Medals are awarded to the authors of the best paper of a mature nature and the best by an author who has graduated within the last 10 years published by the Institution during the year.

Lord Moulton is associated with the development of chemical engineering during the 1914-18 war when he took charge of explosives supply.

Who is it awarded to?

The Senior Moulton Medal is awarded to the author, or authors, of the most meritorious paper published by IChemE during the last year.

The Junior Moulton Medal follows the same criteria but recognises the best author, or co-author, who has graduated within the last 10 years (excluding career breaks) at the time of submission of the paper.

In the award of the Moulton Medals, IChemE is looking to reward papers that are forward-looking in topic areas that will be important in the future, as well as papers on more traditional themes that will appeal to readers who are not experts in the subjects covered.

How is the winner decided?

The Publications Medals Board, examines papers and books published by IChemE during the year. These include papers published in IChemE journals: Chemical Engineering Research and Design; Process Safety and Environmental Protection; Food and Bioproducts Processing; Education for Chemical Engineersand Sustainable Production and Consumption that have been shortlisted by the journals editors-in-chief as well as in the Symposium Series conference proceedings.

The Publications Medals Board recommends the winners to the Medals and Prizes Committee.

How do I nominate somebody?

The Publications Medals Board welcomes nominations. All nominations should be no more than 600 words and be sent to:

Download the nomination form >>

When is the deadline?

30 September 2018.

For more information contact us:

2017 Senior winners

Dr Luke A Connal,
Milena Nadgorny
Dr Zeyun Xiao 
(University of Melbourne, Australia)

2016 Senior winners

Shaofeng Wang
Xibing Li
Deming Wang 
(Central South University, China)

2015 Senior winners

Dr Feriha M Mukuve
Dr Richard A Fenner 
(University of Cambridge, UK)

2014 Senior winners

Professor Yehia Khalil,
Susanne Opalka
Bruce Laube 
(United Technologies Research Centre)

2013 Senior winners

Dr Andrea Cipollina 
Dr Maria Grazia Di Sparti 
Dr Alessandro Tamburini
Dr Giorgio D M Micale (AM) 
(Universita de Palermo, Italy)

2012 Senior winners

Dr David J Brennan (F) 
Dr Andrew Hoadley (M)
Dr Sarah E Sinclair
Mr Tarrant J Falcke 
(Monash University, Australia)

2017 Junior winner

Anna Patsioura 
(Universite; Paris-Saclay, France)

2016 Junior winner

Dr Hui Wang

2015 Junior winners

Charles Cunault 
(INRA, Villeneuve d'Ascq, France)

Henning Foste 
(Technische Universitat Braunschweig, Germany)

2014 Junior winners

Dr JA Barish
Prof JM Goddard 
(University of Massachusetts, USA)

2013 Junior winner

Dr Arnaud FM Bizard 
(University of Cambridge)

2012 Junior winner

Chandi Patel 
(University College London)