Reduced rate eligibility

Reduced rate

Members in the following categories may be eligible for the retired/reduced rate:

  • those who have been in membership for at least five years and have retired from paid employment
  • those on a low income earning no more than GBP 10,600 per annum (AUD 21,200 / NZD 26,500 / MYR 53,000) 
  • those who are suffering from prolonged illness resulting in unpaid absence from paid employment for a duration of at least four months in a given year
  • those who are experiencing long term unemployment
  • those who have left the chemical engineering profession to pursue other interests. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • full time parent/carer and no longer in paid employment
    • those on a career break, for example, maternity or paternity leave, for a period of four consecutive months or more.


Student Members who transfer to Affiliate Member or Associate Member do not pay a subscription fee for their first year after graduation. 

Full-time postgraduates

Those who have re-entered full-time education to obtain a postgraduate degree relevant to the field of chemical engineering are eligible for a reduced rate. Courses that qualify members for the reduce rate are:
• those studying for a PhD, EngDoc or MPhil in a subject related to chemical engineering (max length 48 months)
• those studying for MSc or MRes in a subject related to chemical engineering (max length 24 months)