Safety and Loss Prevention

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About us

The Safety & Loss Prevention Special Interest Group provides a network for all those interested in safety within the process industries. Process safety transcends disciplinary boundaries and concerns a wide range of professionals including chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers, pure scientists and even accountants.


  • provide a forum for engineers, scientists and other professionals, facilitating networking and open dialogue on lessons learned
  • support professional development and provide resources for training and the acquisition of new skills
  • promote best practice, and advance the technical and practical tools of safety and loss prevention
  • create cultures that deliver improvements in health, safety and environmental performance
  • build an understanding of risk issues, and influence the development and adoption of risk reduction measures test.


  • technical seminars, workshops and evening talks
  • networking via events and discussion forum
  • development of model codes and training tools
  • representation of professional interests
  • preparation of responses to consultation documents
  • award of IChemE's Frank Lees Medal and Ned Franklin Medal, recognising excellence in process safety.

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To contact IChemE's special interest group support staff, email Special Interest Groups.