Hutchison Medal

The Hutchison Medal recognises an author for a contribution to the literature that has stimulated debate within the chemical engineering community.

The medal is named in memory of a past president of IChemE, William Kenneth Hutchison, who used his research chemist background to ensure that the latest advances in research found practical application in the gas light and hydrogen industry where he made his career.

The Hutchison Medal is awarded to provide recognition and encouragement to authors who put much time and intellectual effort into the production of papers covering practical or less technical topics. Hutchison Medal candidates usually come from the journals. They cannot come from The Chemical Engineer.

Suitable papers are shortlisted by the editors of relevant IChemE publications and are assessed by the Publication Medals Committee, who recommend a winner to the Medals and Prizes Committee for approval.

Criteria this medal will be judged against are:

  1. readability/presentation
  2. innovation
  3. potential to stimulate discussion
  4. usefulness of application.

How to nominate

Nominations for the 2024 medals and prizes are now open. 

To make a nomination, download the nomination form and complete the information requested, paying attention to the criteria the medal will be judged against. Please return the completed form to by the closing date.

Please note the following:

  • additional documents submitted outside the information provided in the nomination form will not be considered by the judges (unless specified otherwise)
  • we do not accept self-nominations
  • we do not accept nominations for sitting members of the Board of Trustees
  • unless indicated otherwise, medals/prizes are generally awarded to individuals — a single medal shall be presented in all cases.

Contact for more information.

Previous medal winners
  • 2023 — A Hicks, M Johnston, M Mowbray, M Barton, P Martin, D Zhang, A Lane, C Mendoza- Fernandez
  • 2021 — S Greenwood, S Walker, H Baird, R Parsons, S Mehl, T Webb, A Slark, A Ryan, R Rothman
  • 2020 — S Ghazal, Z Kang, S Ali Mehdi Naqvi, M Raza, S Salehi and C Teodoriu
  • 2019 — A Almena, P J Fryer, S Bakalis and E Lopez-Quiroga
  • 2018 — P Hunpinro, S Kohsria, A Meechai, C Prapainainar, P Narataruksa and G Sin
    Design and preliminary operation of a hybrid syngas/solar PV/battery power system for off-grid applications: A case study in Thailand
  • 2017 — G M Campbell and D J Belton
  • 2016 — R Moreno-Peñaranda, A Gasparatos, P Strömberg, A Suwa, A Hadi Pandyaswargo and J A Puppim de Oliveira
  • 2015 — K E Kakosimos
  • 2014 — J Sacher, L Garcia-Llobodanin, F Lopez, H Segura and J R Perez-Correra
  • 2013 — P Willliamson, D W R Wallace, C S Law, P Boyd, Y Collos, P Croot, K Denman, U Riebesell, S Takeda and C Vivian
  • 2012 — R T Sousa, S Liu, L G Papageorgiou and N Shah
  • 2011 — S J Puttick, H J Gibbon, G P Akroyd and A Brown
  • 2010 — L Cusco, G Atkinson, D M Painter, V H Y Tam, K C Waterton, L C Shirvill, T A Roberts and I G Buckland
  • 2009 — M J Prince, M A S Vigeant and K E K Nottis
  • 2008 — N J L Gardener
  • 2007 — B J Lowesmith, G Hankinson, M C Acton and G Chamberlain 
  • 2006 — J V F Berman and P Ackroyd
  • 2005 — M Anderson
  • 2004 — J E S Venart
  • 2003 — H Z Kister
  • 2002 — J P Gupta and D W Edwards
  • 2001 — D I Hicks, B D Crittenden and A C Warhurst
  • 2000 — P-M Choong and P N Sharratt
  • 1999 — J A Wesselingh and A M Bollen
  • 1998 — R G Smith and G C Maitland
  • 1997 — J A Wesselingh
  • 1996 — S E Taylor
  • 1995 — S S Katti
  • 1994 — G A Chamberlain
  • 1993 — F Hjelm and S O Stommen
  • 1992 — S Macchietto 
  • 1991 — J Wilday