Trustees elections

2020 Election Results

At the close of the call for nominations on 25 February 2020 three eligible nominations had been received for the role of Deputy President and only one eligible nomination for the role of Honorary Treasurer.

The nomination received for the Honorary Treasurer vacancy was that of Iain Martin, the incumbent office holder.  As a result, no ballot was necessary for this position.

The ballot of Voting Members for the Deputy President vacancy closed on 6 May 2020.

Turnout in the election was 12.8% with 1,584 votes cast out of a possible 12,407  

The results of the ballot were as follows:

  • Jane Cutler FIChemE (769 votes - 48.5%)
  • David Lynch CEng FIChemE (522 votes - 33%)
  • Christina Phang CEng FIChemE (293 votes - 18.5%)

The appointments of Jane Cutler (Deputy President) and Iain Martin (Honorary Treasurer) were formally announced at the AGM on 15 June 2020.