Ashok Kumar Fellowship

2022 Ashok Kumar Fellow, Josh Fearns
Josh Fearns, 2022 Ashok Kumar Fellow

Josh Fearns, a chemical engineering graduate of the University of Surrey, UK, was awarded the 2022 Ashok Kumar Fellowship which was established to enable chemical engineers to inform the work of UK Members of Parliament (MPs) and policy makers.

In partnership with the Materials Processing Institute, IChemE funds a three-month placement with the UK Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (POST), where Josh will contribute to an area of public policy.

2021 Ashok Kumar Fellow, Amber Keegan
Amber Keegan, 2021 Ashok Kumar Fellow

On completion on her placement, the 2021 Ashok Kumar Fellow, Amber Keegan, a chemical engineering postgraduate student from the University of Sheffield, produced a briefing note (POSTnote) entitled States’ use of cyber operations, exploring how and why states use cyber operations against other nations, and the threats that these activities pose to the UK.

Andrew Legacy scheme

A new bursary to fund 20 postgraduate students to attend a summer school to enhance their knowledge in catalysis was introduced under the Andrew Legacy scheme.

The scheme aims to support scores of students in enhancing their knowledge in catalysis and is funded following a donation made to the Institution by the late Professor Syd Andrew, an IChemE Fellow and distinguished expert in the field of catalysis.

The summer school was organised by, and held at, the University of Liverpool’s Department of Chemistry in July and runs every two years. The 20 recipients of the bursary gave positive feedback about the summer school, and some have gone on to join IChemE special interest groups.

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