Macsene Isles-Ahite

Macsene Isles-Ahite

  • Position Ordinary Member

Macsene graduated from South Bank University with BEng (Hons) in 2001; she has almost 20 years' experience as a Process Engineer in the refining and petrochemical industry. Since November 2011, she has been offering her services as a self-employed Process Engineering Consultant to various companies operating within the Energy sector (including those developing emerging technologies). Her role as a Process Engineering Consultant is often to question design assumptions, to ensure the design is compliant with the relevant engineering and safety standards and to provide technical oversight to Process Engineering designs.

In her role as ordinary member, she is Chair of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) Working Group with a remit to embed ED&I across the Institution. She is passionate about promoting member engagement, about encouraging members to volunteer and about developing strategies to effectively open the channels of communication between the membership and the Institution's leadership team.

She collaborates with her fellow Board members to provide governance to ensure that the Institution satisfies its charitable objects (as a qualifying body). She is a member of the Qualifications Committee and has contributed to the development of the new membership application system, the revisions to CPD policy and Engineering Council Standards Review. She influences policy decisions regarding the distribution of the Institution's resources and its compliance with its financial and operational strategy. She is excited about being able to help the Institution to achieve its future objectives and being pat of the team of people who will determine what those future objectives will be.


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