Global Awards 2020


“You get to see what’s going on in other sectors of chemical engineering. From the oil industry, to pharmaceuticals, to energy development or energy storage. It covers a real plethora of topics.”

Donal Finegan, DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Young Industrialist Award Winner 2018

“It feels amazing to be an award winner tonight. Totally unexpected; we’re only a small organisation so we didn’t expect it at all.”

Kathryn Walker, Energus – nucleargraduates, Training and Development Award Winner 2018

“Being an IChemE Award winner it’s nice to be recognised. I did chemical engineering for my undergraduate, but I slightly diverged into energy systems, and it’s great to see it’s still very much integrated in the chemical engineering community and recognised in that respect.”

Donal Finegan, DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US, Young Researcher Award Winner 2018

“It’s really exciting to be an IChemE award winner. We try and embrace people from all walks of life and make the facilities for them to work.”

Charlotte Sholl, Environment Agency, Diversity and Inclusion Award Winner 2018

“This is a reward for all the hard work and effort the company has put in over the years and it’s fantastic to get the recognition.”

Alex Miles, Enerkem, Biotechnology Award Winner 2018

“It feels great to be an IChemE Award winner.”

Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua, University of Malaya, Water Award Winner 2018

“It’s fantastic. There’s a lot of passion from myself and the group. To go back and say we won will help them to stay motivated and keep going.”

Paula Mendes, University of Birmingham, UK, Research Project of the Year Award Winner 2016

“Our consumers live all around the world, and IChemE really represented the global reach we felt was appropriate for our product.”

Cantwell Carson, Folia Water Inc, Water Award Winner 2016

“The technology has been developed over a long, long time. This award shows people have acknowledged the complexity of the challenges, and that what we’ve achieved is special.”

Mark Linthwaite, Johnson Matthey, Chemical Engineering Industry Project of the Year Award  Winner 2016

“It’s really quite special, in terms of that recognition from peers.”

Alex Kelly, BP – Young Industrialist Award Winner 2016

“In every way it is just fantastic to receive this, and I’m sure it will help us to develop as a start-up business.”

David Binns, ALUSID, Best Business Start-UP Award Winner 2016