Webinar: IChemE Get Chartered : ICP Process Overview and C&C Activities

Webinar: IChemE Get Chartered : ICP Process Overview and C&C Activities
  • Date From 16th July 2022
  • Date To 16th July 2022
  • Price Free of charge, open to all.
  • Location Online. 10:00 MYT. Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.


Organised by the National Early Careers Committee (NECC), Malaysia, the webinar aims to introduce the benefits of Chartership and the process of getting Chartered with IChemE. This webinar is aimed at those who wish to know is Chartership something for them, and what are the next steps if they intend to pursue Chartership. This event will primarily focus on the new Individual Case Procedure (ICP) and the Competence & Commitment (C&C) Report Overview.


Professor Michael Cloke

Since coming to Malaysia in 2003, Professor Cloke has been the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus from 2005 to 2010. After this, he spent two years in Brunei as Academic Advisor to Institute Teknologi Brunei. Later he was appointed as the Dean of Engineering at Curtin University Sarawak and for a year as Interim Director SE Asia for IChemE in Kuala Lumpur. He is active in IChemE in membership and the accreditation of University Programmes. Recently he has been part of the group developing the new Individual Case Procedure (ICP) to meet the educational base for those who do not have an IChemE accredited degree to obtain the Chartered status.

The material presented in this webinar has not been peer-reviewed. Any opinions are the presenter’s own and do not necessarily represent those of IChemE or the Malaysia Members Group. The information is given in good faith but without any liability on the part of IChemE.


10:00-11:30 MYT.


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This webinar is free of charge and open to all to attend, but if you wish to access the slides and a recording to replay on demand then you'll need to be a member of the Malaysia Members Group.

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