Demonstrating CPD

CSci, RSci and RSciTech registrants

The Science Council expect all CSci, RSci and RSciTech registrants to maintain an annual CPD record. When paying their annual subscription registrants are declaring that they are participating in CPD and remain professionally active; IChemE will request evidence from a random sample each year.

Sampled registrants will be contacted and asked to complete a submission form and to submit supporting evidence. Supporting evidence may be reported using the mycareerpath online CPD recording tool, although other reporting methods will be accepted.

Registrants on a career break or unemployed may defer revalidation for a period of no more than three years.

In line with Science Council requirements, registrants that do not, upon request, provide adequate evidence of their CPD activity, will have their Science Council registration terminated, with a minimum time of 18 months required before members can re-apply for the registration.

CPD should develop deeper and broader knowledge and competency. Science Council registrants should conduct CPD in at least three (exceptionally two) of the following categories:

  • work based learning (eg reflective practise)
  • professional activity (eg mentoring, professional body involvement)
  • formal/educational activity (eg training, further education, writing papers)
  • self directed learning (eg reviewing articles, journals)
  • other (eg public service, voluntary work).

Additional information

CSci, RSci and RSciTech CPD submission examples coming soon.