Demonstrating CPD

ESOS: Lead Energy Assessors

Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Lead Energy Assessors must engage in ongoing CPD and revalidate their registration each year to remain on the register. By paying their annual ESOS subscription, registrants are declaring that they participate in CPD and remain professionally active.

Registrants are required to set at least one ESOS related CPD objective each year and undertake a minimum of 10 hours CPD annually linked to ESOS.

All registrants are expected to maintain records of their CPD. Annually, IChemE will request that all Lead Energy Assessors complete a short online questionnaire to provide brief evidence of CPD carried out in the last 12 months to ensure adherence.

A random sample each year will then be asked to complete a more detailed CPD submission. Those selected will be asked to complete a submission form and provide supporting evidence. Evidence may be reported using the mycareerpath online CPD recording tool, although other reporting methods will be accepted.

Registrants should look to set development objectives and conduct CPD activities against one or more of the nine core competency requirements:

  • understanding the operational context of an organisation being assessed; familiarity with, and ability to apply, the requirements of energy efficiency assessment methods
  • scoping an energy efficiency assessment, as applicable to the organisation being assessed
  • understanding, in detail, of energy use and energy systems applicable to the organisation being assessed (buildings, industrial, transport)
  • managing energy efficiency assessment teams and budgets, and managing working relationships (link also to Section 4.5 of PAS)
  • understanding the techniques of measuring, sampling, sub-metering, and establishing an energy balance
  • data interpretation, including analysis and scrutiny of energy use, energy consumption, and energy performance data
  • identification, quantification, ranking and prioritisation of opportunities for improvement
  • preparing and presenting a technical and non-technical report for an energy efficiency assessment.

Additional information

ESOS CPD submission examples coming soon.