Leadership of Remote Engineering Teams

Topic Personal Development and Leadership

CPD Hours 14



This course aims to provide a solid foundation of core skills for effective leadership of remote engineering teams, and to share practical tips and ideas.

Getting the best out of any team can be challenging. The challenge is increased when working with engineers who are operating in different locations, cultures or time zones. 

Initially we will consider the challenges and opportunities of remote leadership, overlaid with the specific characteristics of engineering teams. Following this, we will explore how leaders can best build trust, team coherence and engagement, and provide structure, support and motivation to their engineering team.  Effective planning, communication and reviewing are key to successful remote teams. We will look at methods for keeping the team updated when situations and information change.

Throughout the course we will consider a range of typical engineering team scenarios, along with alternative communication channels. In recognition that each team and organisation is unique, the course will be facilitative rather than prescriptive. Delegates will be encouraged to identify what is relevant to their specific situation, and to share ideas of best practice.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants should:

  • know the possible challenges and advantages of remote team leadership
  • know the importance of trust and how to build trust with remote engineering teams
  • know the importance of planning and how to convey plans to remote engineering teams
  • know the importance of structure and how to establish structure in remote engineering teams
  • know the importance of reviewing and how to review the progress of your on-line team effectively
  • know how to effectively convey changes in plans or information to the whole team
  • be aware of team dynamics and how you might optimise your remote engineering team
  • know how to meet the needs of individual team members for motivation and development
  • be aware of your needs and know how to look after yourself.

Who will benefit

Engineers or engineering project managers who want to get the best out of their remote engineering team, and to get the best out of themselves.

Course outline

  • The challenges and opportunities of remote team leadership
  • The typical characteristics of engineering teams
  • Building trust with remote teams
  • Effective planning for remote teams
  • Conveying structure to remote teams
  • Conveying changes in plan or information in a constructive way
  • Progress and performance review for remote teams and individuals
  • Optimising the dynamics of your remote engineering team
  • Supporting and developing individual members of your remote team
  • Looking after yourself

In-company delivery

This course is available for in-company delivery, either on-site or online. Content can be tailored to your specific requirements. Request a quotation.

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