Congress elections

Congress members take their seats

Following a call for nominations in February 2020, 11 members have now taken up positions in the two electoral colleges, Functional (by grade) and Regional (by geographical location) to sit alongside the current Congress representatives:

Functional College

  • Fellow - Jiaping Paul Chen
  • Chartered - Idris Salim

Regional College

  • Canada - Alan Collins
  • Malaysia - Yong Toke Choon
  • Midlands (UK and IRE) - Earl Hutchinson
  • Netherlands - Thaddeus Anim-Somuah
  • North Scotland (UK and IRE) - Nick Parker
  • South Central (UK and IRE) – Helen Ramsay
  • South East (UK and IRE) - Elizabeth Salter (changed from representing Rest of the World)
  • South Wales (UK and IRE) - Stephanie Houghton
  • South West (UK and IRE) - Paul McLaughlin

As there were not multiple nominations put forward for the vacant positions, an election was not required. The members have now taken up their positions following IChemE’s Annual General Meeting on 15 June.

Nine seats received no nominations and will remain vacant until the next election cycle in early 2021. A further seat in Australia is now vacant as that was occupied by Jane Cutler, former Congress Vice-Chair, who has stood down from Congress following her election to Deputy President. The Congress members will look to elect a new Vice-Chair from Congress to replace her.

Vacant Seats – Functional College

  • Chartered (two seats)
  • Early Career

Vacant Seats – Regional College

  • All Ireland
  • Australia (two seats)
  • North East (UK and IRE)
  • North West and North Wales (UK and IRE)
  • Rest of the World
  • South Scotland (UK and IRE)

You can find out more about all the Congress members in the biographies section of the website