IChemE luminary to advise on emerging technologies in Australia

7th January 2011

IChemE Fellow and immediate past chair of the Institution's Australian board, Max Lu has been approached to help shape Australia’s technology future.

Lu is one of  Australia’s leading nanotechnology and materials experts and has been appointed by Australian Senator and Minister for the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr, to participate in an expert forum that will identify new and converging technologies and highlight potential implications for Australia.

Lu, who is currently the University of Queensland’s deputy vice-chancellor (research) said the appointment was announced as part of the Federal government’s National Enabling Technologies Strategy.

“The forum will conduct technology foresight work and recommend to the Minister the way forward in many areas of emerging technologies, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and ICT (information and communication technologies) and how these technologies will impact our industries and innovation.”

Lu has extensive experience working with the government and has participated on many expert advisory panels and boards, focusing on innovation and developing Australia’s future through education in engineering, science and technology.