Safety and Loss Prevention

"Safety Is My Job"

As one contribution toward the celebration of IChemE's centenary in 2022, the Safety & Loss Prevention SIG collected a variety of profiles of chemical engineers working in safety-related roles.

Over the last century, there have been massive advances in safety in the Process Industries. Yet whilst methods, tools, techniques, and systems are important, they are only part of the story.  A good safety performance requires that these be applied on a regular basis to all aspects of a business from design and operation through to decommissioning.  This can only be achieved by the co-ordinated efforts of people throughout an organisation: operators, technicians, engineers and managers.

This page features a selection of engineers at several stages in their careers, across a range of industries, undertaking roles which may not be celebrated in other ways, but which are essential in any high performing organisation.  

The technical aspects of their work will, in most cases, have been described elsewhere and the emphasis is instead on the people, their jobs, their enthusiasm and the satisfaction they gain from their work.  It is hoped that these profiles help to raise awareness of how chemical engineers contribute to safety and of the kinds of opportunities that exist applying chemical engineering in this way.