Safety and Loss Prevention


The following organisations external to IChemE provide safety and loss prevention resources;

Centre for Chemical Process Safety

The Centre for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) is the American Institute of Chemical Engineers' process safety centre, which brings together manufacturers, government agencies, consultants, academia and insurers. It organises meetings and conferences and it publishes books, process safety guidance on its website and the popular 'process safety beacon' bulletin.

Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

An independent US federal agency charged with investigating industrial chemical accidents. It publishes a range of reports of its investigations and other material.

Energy Institute

A global professional membership body that resulted from the 2003 merger of the Institute of Energy with the Institute of Petroleum. Often host events and arrange training relating to safety.

European Process Safety Centre

The European Process Safety Centre (EPSC) is a network whose full members are companies operating process facilities across Europe. It aims to foster collaboration between organisations, to share best practice information, to influence EU and national organisations and to reach-out to other organisations and businesses that have a role to play in improving process safety.  EPSC organises technical meetings and conferences, has working groups on particular focus topics and publishes learning bulletins.


The Fire And Blast Information Group (FABIG) aims to be the globally recognised centre of excellence for the sharing of technical knowledge and practical guidance on fire and explosion hazards. It was formed in the wake of the 1992 Piper Alpha disaster.

Hazards Forum

An association of organisations and individuals with interests in prevention and mitigation of hazards and disasters. The membership includes engineering institutions, UK regulators and some major companies and trade associations.

Health and Safety Executive

The GB regulatory body for occupational safety and health but also the source of a large number of useful publications available for free download.
Together with the Environment Agency and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency they form the Competent Authority for the EU 'Seveso' Directives in GB.

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

Professional institution dedicated to occupational safety and health and awarding chartered status in this area.  Established in 1945 in the UK, IOSH now has an international footprint.

Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Centre

An engineering experiment station of Texas A&M University, established in 1995. They publish research and organise symposia.

National Transportation Safety Board

An independent US Federal agency that investigates every civil aviation accident in the United States and significant accidents in the other modes of transportation, conducts special investigations and safety studies, and issues safety recommendations to prevent future accidents.