Chemical Engineering Matters

IChemE's goal is to advance chemical engineering worldwide. We do this because chemical engineering matters – and it matters in many different ways, with a big impact on quality of life for everyone.

Chemical Engineering Matters, IChemE's technical roadmap, provides a framework for society and stakeholders to explore how chemical engineers are central to addressing our global challenges, and identifies four key areas where our profession can create, maintain and improve quality of life, now and in the future:

  • water
  • energy
  • food, and
  • wellbeing.

In recent years, the emergence of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has created a new framework for meeting societal need. This latest version of Chemical Engineering Matters re-examines the four challenges through the lens of the SDGs and provides insights into the future roadmap of chemical engineering as showcased through IChemE’s centenary project in 2022, ChemEng Evolution.

Updated in 2022 and now in its fourth edition, Chemical Engineering Matters reflects on the diverse perspectives of IChemE's international membership, placing particular emphasis on areas where chemical engineering has a significant global impact. The report has identified a series of strategic challenges, highlighting current capabilities and developments, as well as future priorities, needs and opportunities.

Readers are encouraged to engage in the next stage of the conversation in several different ways, from joining one of our special interest groups (SIGs), to using the report to spark new ideas or even to share with policy makers and decision makers. We hope that all members are inspired to play an even greater part in sustainable development.

Chemical Engineering Matters

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