Queensland (AU)

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Webinar: Industry 4.0 for the Chemical Process Industries

Victoria (AU)

The Joint Chemical Engineering Committee (JCEC) Victoria invites you to discuss industry 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution and will cover cutting edge technologies.

  • Date From 2nd June 2020
  • Date To 2nd June 2020
  • Location Online: 13:30 AEST, 15:30 NZST, 11:30 AWST/MYT. Duration 1 Hour.

Webinar: Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Sequential Blowdown Design

Queensland (AU)

The Joint Chemical Engineering Committee (JCEC) Victoria warmly welcomes you to an upcoming webinar. Guest speaker Minyu Miao will discuss the issues identified in the implementation of sequential ...

  • Date From 28th May 2020
  • Date To 28th May 2020
  • Location Online: 13:00 AEST, 15:00 NZST, 11:00 AWST/MYT. Duration: 1 hour.

Webinar: Major Hazards Reduction

Queensland (AU)

The second part in the Learned Society webinar series will host two industry experts. Becky MacDonald on the response to secure the future of our water supply during COVID-19 and Nigel Cann on the...

  • Date From 19th May 2020
  • Date To 19th May 2020
  • Location Online: 12:30 AEST, 14:00 NZST, 10:30 MYT/AWST. Duration: 1 hour.

Webinar: Becoming a Fellow

New South Wales (AU)

IChemE is pleased to invite you to a webinar on how to become an IChemE Fellow member.

  • Date From 14th May 2020
  • Date To 14th May 2020
  • Location Online: 13:00—14:00 AEST.

Webinar: Hydrogen Energy Systems – Avoiding the Hype

Queensland (AU)

The Joint Chemical Engineering Committee (JCEC) welcomes you as we discuss the CSIRO “National Hydrogen Roadmap”.

  • Date From 12th May 2020
  • Date To 12th May 2020
  • Location Online: 18:30—19:30 AEST.

Webinar: Carbon emissions pinch analysis (CEPA) for decarbonisation of Malaysia power generation sector

Queensland (AU)

Join us online for a talk on how CEPA can be used to plan for the decarbonisation of Malaysia power generation sector.

  • Date From 5th May 2020
  • Date To 5th May 2020
  • Location Online

Webinar: The Importance of Designing Pressure Safety Valves for Normal Operation

Queensland (AU)

The Joint Chemical Engineering Committee (JCEC) Victoria is your host as we discuss how pressure safety valves can exhibit continuous reliability issues during normal operation. Minyu Miao will sha...

  • Date From 30th April 2020
  • Date To 30th April 2020
  • Location Online

Webinar: How Chemical Engineers and the scientific community are serving society during the fight against COVID-19

Queensland (AU)

The IChemE Learned Society invite you to join in this three-part series to hear from industry experts on how they are responding to the coronavirus emergency.

  • Date From 23rd April 2020
  • Date To 23rd April 2020
  • Location Online

Webinar: Process safety application and culture for other industries

Queensland (AU)

IChemE Safety Centre Director, Trish Kerin will give a presentation on the Dreamworld Thunder River Rapids Ride incident from 2016 that resulted in four fatalities.

  • Date From 7th April 2020
  • Date To 7th April 2020
  • Location Online

Leadership and safety in an uncertain situation

Queensland (AU)

IChemE Safety Centre Director, Trish Kerin will give a presentation about the importance of leadership and what actions you can take to help your teams perform at their best during these unpreceden...

  • Date From 31st March 2020
  • Date To 31st March 2020
  • Location WEBINAR

Chemical engineering and the circular economy in a low carbon future

Queensland (AU)

This webinar will briefly discuss the concept of the circular economy in the extractive resources sector.

  • Date From 25th March 2020
  • Date To 25th March 2020
  • Location Webinar

Leadership in Process Safety

Queensland (AU)

Join Ken Rivers - IChemE President and Jon Prichard - IChemE CEO for a presentation around Leadership in Process Safety.

  • Date From 2nd October 2019
  • Date To 2nd October 2019
  • Location Venue Engineering House-Hawken Auditorium Level 1 447 Upper Edward Street Spring Hill Brisbane Queensland Australia