Palm Oil Processing

2022 Message

2021 Achievement

2021 marked a continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to many, including POPSIG committee and our fellow members. It, however, did not affect POPSIG to deliver excellence to our members and stakeholders. We marked several achievements and organised various activities by capitalising various virtual platform and social media. Online platforms allow us to explore further with wider audience from all backgrounds. Virtual tours to palm oil sites have been conducted for students. View our 2021 Report Card >>

2022 Activities

Theme: Correcting the misperception on palm oil

In 2022, POPSIG commits to deliver our contribution in palm oil processing-related activities. We continue to organise activities that focus on our theme “Correcting the Misperception on Palm Oil” and Learned Society priorities, while advocating palm oil industry as a career choice among our future engineers. POPSIG activities will be about environmental protection, sustainability, social responsibility, climate change and net zero emissions.


  • 1 webinar every month
  • 2 university roadshows every quarter
  • 1 newsletter every quarter
  • 1 team for Best Final Year Design Award every year
  • 1 candidate for Student Bursary (Conference) every year
  • 3 candidates for Student Research Project Bursary every year
  • 7 candidates for Best Post-event Report Award every year
  • 8 candidates for Article Honorarium every year


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