Palm Oil Processing

Climate Change Action Plan Framework


IChemE presented its position on climate change as documented in this PDF. In line with this position, special interest groups (SIGs) in IChemE have taken the time to develop climate change action plans containing plans and initiatives that would contribute to this position.

Involvement of POPSIG

IChemE Palm Oil Processing SIG (POPSIG) committee has prepared our very own climate change action plan. This document contains all action plans POPSIG would like to embark on to align our work with IChemE’s Climate Change position.

POPSIG initiatives

In addition, POPSIG has put in a series of initiatives that will help us shed light on the great work the palm oil industry is doing in curbing the impacts of climate change. To date, the plan has been internally peer-reviewed by POPSIG committee members and we welcomes the feedback from the IChemE members and the public.

Your feedback

POPSIG would truly appreciate the readers' feedback. POPSIG welcomes the members' participations as it will be a members-led initiative. Email your opinions to