Stage 2: Initial Professional Development

What is Initial Professional Development?

Your initial professional development (IPD) is your where you learn to apply your knowledge and understanding, develop your skills, and gain the experience required to help you become professionally qualified. At Stage 2, we assess your on-the-job activities and training against an assessment framework to see if you have the required breadth and depth of experience. 

IPD can take place through structured graduate training schemes or apprenticeships, or it may be self-managed.

How do I complete Stage 2?

In order to complete your IPD, you need to record the development of your competencies and provide evidence that you have gained the required experience against all of IChemE’s areas of competency. There are two routes through which Stage 2 can be completed - the Self-managed route and the Accredited/Approved Scheme (ACTS) route. 

The Self-managed route allows applicants who have not been on an accredited/approved scheme to record their experience against the relevant IPD assessment framework. Your IPD submission will then be reviewed by IChemE assessors.

The ACTS route allows applicants who are accredited/approved scheme trainees to benefit from being on a training programme that has already been successfully reviewed by IChemE. Trainees that have completed an IChemE ACTS, and had their training signed off by their scheme mentor and the scheme manager, meet the requirements for Stage 2 IPD.

Confirm your route

Unless you are registered with us as a trainee on an ACTS, you should progress with your Stage 2 application via the Self-managed route. If you are on an ACTS, you should already be in membership and will need to be registered with us as a trainee in order to access the ACTS route. 

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Route 1 - Self-managed route

To complete Stage 2 via the Self-managed route, you must document your IPD against the relevant assessment framework, giving multiple examples that highlight your experience. The application will also need to include an IPD-focused CV, consisting of a brief chronological listing of your professional work experience and achievements.

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Route 2 - ACTS route

Registered ACTS trainees will follow a structured training programme, delivered by their employer, that has been assessed as meeting the Stage 2 requirements. Scheme trainees can submit a signed ACTS IPD Completion Form to complete Stage 2 without further assessment. 

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