Hazards Process Safety Conference


Technical presentations

Our programme will feature presentations from industry practitioners, researchers and regulators. They will share examples of good practice, new approaches and valuable lessons learned in process safety that you can transfer to your own operations, and address some of the future challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Plenary speakers

The technical presentations will be complemented by inspiring plenary speakers who will share strategic insight into good process safety management and leadership.

Facilitated discussion

There will be time for questions at the end of each presentation. There will also be facilitated discussion time throughout the programme, to help continue the conversations, identify common issues facing practitioners and encourage networking.

On-demand recordings

Technical presentations will be delivered across parallel sessions on 57 November and it isn't possible to listen to all the content at the event. Conference attendees will be able to access video recordings of the presentations after the event, to catch up on ones they missed or revisit content that interested them most.

"The talks are a good mix of theoretical and practical. They give you the background and the theory but it's very focused on the applicability of it. I can take what's applicable back to my company and implement it there and then."

Teri Zdrojewski, AWE

"I've learnt techniques and tools that we can use to improve our processes but also softer things around culture."

Tomas Davies, Sellafield Fuels