Hazards Process Safety Conference

Why attend?

"Process safety is a constantly developing field and it's a great opportunity to benchmark ourselves against other companies, and find out what is emerging, what we can take back and implement to ensure safety is our main priority."

Teri Zdrojewski, AWE

Hazards 34 is a must-attend for anyone in process safety and risk management. It's a chance to learn about the latest industry developments, best practices, and connect with experts. The conference provides practical solutions to real-world challenges through workshops and discussions. You'll meet peers, industry leaders, and explore cutting-edge technologies in the exhibition. It's not just about learning; Hazards 34 is a valuable opportunity to boost your career, stay updated on regulations, and gain professional development credits. 

Find out what's new in process safety

Process safety is constantly developing and Hazards 34 is a great opportunity to discover the latest innovations in the field. Take this opportunity to delve into cutting-edge innovations, ensuring you stay abreast of the latest advancements in this dynamic field. 

Learn from experts

Process safety specialists and industry peers working in all industry sectors will share their knowledge and experience including lessons learned and latest research. You will gain valuable insights, learning from shared lessons and the latest research, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of evolving safety practices across industries.

Connect with your peers and build your networks

Hazards 34 is your opportunity to connect with your peers and build your networks. There will be plenty of time in our programme for you to network with delegates, presenters, exhibitors and sponsors. This will include a chance to relax and unwind at evening social events.

Review good practice in process safety

Presentations will share lessons learned from what's worked well (and not so well) so that you can apply and embed good practice to your own operations. You will gain actionable knowledge to apply and integrate best practices seamlessly into your own operational frameworks, fostering continuous improvement and enhanced efficiency.

Get comprehensive technical insight

The programme will cover all the functional areas that are key to managing and reducing process safety risk effectively, including engineering and design, systems and procedures, knowledge and competence, human factors, assurance, safety culture, and environmental protection.

Get industry insights and benchmark your company

You will be able to tap into the collective wisdom of industry practitioners, regulators, and researchers. This will enable you to stay abreast of industry developments, learn from the safety-focused initiatives of other companies, and identify areas for enhancement within your own organisation.

Hear from senior leaders

Our plenary speakers will share their insight and strategic vision. You will gain a deeper understanding of industry dynamics, and important perspectives that will enhance your knowledge.

Have your say

As well as Q&A at the end of every presentation, there will be further discussion time built into the programme to help continue the conversations and identify common issues facing practitioners.

Meet CPD requirements

Attending Hazards 34 is more than an investment in knowledge; it's a commitment to your personal and professional growth, aligning with CPD requirements. Join us and demonstrate your dedication to advancing your skills and expertise.

Discover new products and services

Connect with exhibitors to discover new products and services that can enhance your safety measures. Explore cutting-edge solutions that prioritise safety. Build valuable connections and stay updated on innovative tools to improve your safety protocols.

"It's an excellent way to learn about what's going on in industry...and I can transfer that to my teaching."

Chris Tighe, Imperial College London