Accreditation: Graduate training schemes

ACTS Guidance and Forms

How to get your graduate training scheme accredited

Read the guidance and information below:

  1. Read our ACTS guidance document which explains more about ACTS, what's expected from your training scheme, and how to apply.
  2. Complete the application and self-assessment form. You’ll need to identify how trainees will gain experience in each area – include examples to supplement your commitments.
  3. Submit your form, along with your training manual, to IChemE for peer review and feedback. The assessors may ask for some additional information (example interim reports or training diaries) to give them a better idea of the scope of your scheme.
  4. We will arrange an assessment visit, where our volunteers will talk to your trainees, mentors and senior team.
  5. The assessors will feedback to our panel – if they are happy that your scheme meets our requirements you will be awarded ACTS status for between two and four years. You’ll be asked to reaccredit after this time.

Our ACTS administrator can put you in touch with someone to discuss your company’s individual needs. We can help you understand what to include in your application, explain the full peer-assessment process and the costs involved.

Peer review

All IChemE accreditation activities are peer reviewed by IChemE members. The ACTS process is audited by the Professional Development Subcommittee which consists of IChemE Fellows who are experienced interviewers and assessors, who are invited to join the subcommittee in order to share their knowledge and experience, and ensure a fair and consistent outcome.

Guidance and information


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