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POPSIG Best Final Year Design Award

Update: The application for the 2022 award is now available, and due on 15 August 2022 (Rev: 01 December 2021)


Each year, POPSIG awards Best Final Year Design Award to a group of final year students, whose final year project design revolves around palm oil processing. The main objective of this award is to encourage the universities to introduce palm oil processing design for their final year students. The selection of Best Final Year Design Award is based upon a palm oil processing design which reflects on efficiency, values inherent safety and mitigates environmental impacts, and demonstrates project viability to the palm oil industry.

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Apply now

Download the Design Award Application form (rev 01 December 2021).

Please email the form (MS Word or PDF) to Please put the subject of email as "POPSIG Best Final Year Design Award".

The application is due by 23:59 MYT (GMT+8) on 15 August every year.


Please see the requirements listed below:

  1. POPSIG welcomes the applications from all universities, provided the final year design is associated with palm oil processing.
  2. The design may involve either up-stream or/and down-stream palm oil processing, including improvement of current technologies or introduction of new technologies.
  3. The submission must include the following:

    • In one email, the candidates must send (a) Application Form – PDF or MS Word; and, (b) Design Project Report.
    • In a separate email, the lecturer or supervisor must send a 'Design Project Lecturer's Report' to confirm the status of the students who have taken the final year design project from a university.
  4. The design submitted shall be original and have not been previously submitted or published. POPSIG only considers one application per university.
  5. Award is awarded up to RM2,000 per group and only one group will be awarded per year. Each student in the winning group will be given a Design Award Winning Congratulation Certificate by POPSIG. The decision from the POPSIG is final.
  6. Applications for submission are available the whole year long and closed on 15 August every year. The winning team will be announced within two months from the closing date of application.
  7. In general, the design will be evaluated based upon the structure and technical content of the proposed palm oil processing. Key criteria for the evaluation could be ranged from the comprehensiveness of the analysis until the applicability of the design to be applied in a real palm oil industry.
  8. If no winning team for a particular year, the award money will be channelled and used as student bursaries.


2022: Desmet Ballestra (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

2021: Desmet Ballestra (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


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