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POPSIG Article Honorarium

Update: This application is currently closed until further notice. (Rev: 20 March 2023)


The theme of Palm Oil Processing Special Interest Group (POPSIG) for 2021-2022 is "Correcting the Misperception on Palm Oil". POPSIG aim to disseminate correct information about palm oil, and to encourage the involvement of the professionals, academia, industrial employees and students in palm oil industry.

Palm oil being one of the world’s most important crop touches many important aspects ranging from economy, social and environment. The palm oil related activities have been in debate about its impact for decades in many areas especially those related to sustainability, safety and social economy.

IChemE POPSIG is calling for article submission on any topic about correcting the misperception on palm oil. There could be myth, misinformation, misperception or any incorrect information that the author wishes to discuss. Some of those topics usually being discussed and debated are, but not limited to:

  • Is the palm oil industry sustainable?
  • What are the career prospects in the palm oil industry?
  • What is the salary of engineers in the palm oil industry?
  • Is it safe for frying? Is it less healthy?

The selected article will be awarded the Honorarium, which includes Certificate of Recognition by IChemE POPSIG. The selected articles will be published in IChemE POPSIG Newsletter.


Select one of the following public's misperception to address in your article:

  1. Palm oil industry is less attractive as a career choice

  2. Negative impacts of palm oil on livelihoods

  3. Slow transition momentum for palm oil industry towards digitalization

  4. Palm oil cannot achieve circular economy

  5. Palm oil deteriorates human health’s condition

  6. Oil palm expansion destroys the habitat of wildlife species

  7. Palm oil production causes climate change


Open for the public, including students, academia, researchers, industrial professionals and professional bodies.

Apply now

Please email the completed form to Please put the subject of email as "POPSIG Article Honorarium".

Closing date

The closing date of the submission is shown in MYT (GMT+8):

  • Entry 1: 01 March 2022
  • Entry 2: 01 June 2022
  • Entry 3: 01 September 2022
  • Entry 4: 01 December 2022


Please see the requirements listed below:

  1. POPSIG welcomes the applications from the public.
  2. The content must reflect the theme “Correcting the Misperception on Palm Oil”.
  3. In your article, please ensure it fulfils the following requirements:

    • font size required is Times New Roman 12pt, 1.5 spacing
    • the main content pages must be A4-sized, with margin 2.54cm for all top, bottom, right and left (Normal Margin under MS auto function)
    • the main content pages must be fully text only, and maximum of 8 pages. Word length of 2-3 pages is recommended
    • pictures, tables, graphs, artworks with caption should be included in the Appendix section, which does not have limitation on the number of pages.
  4. If a committee member of IChemE POPSIG participates in this competition, he/she has acknowledged that the participant must disclose any conflict of interest.
  5. The article must be original and have not been previously submitted in other entries or published. POPSIG only considers one application per article submission.
  6. The applicant must submit the (1) completed Application Form (Microsoft Word or PDF) and (2) the article that must be in the form of Microsoft Word to IChemE POPSIG at
  7. The submission for each entry closes at 23:59 hours (MYT/GMT+8).
  8. The article will be evaluated and decided by the Editorial Team of IChemE POPSIG.
  9. The recipients of the Honorarium will be announced within three months from the closing date of application. The recipients will also be contacted by email (filled on page 1) and announced on IChemE POPSIG website and social media.
  10. Each recipient will be given a Certificate of Recognition issued by IChemE POPSIG. The delivery of Honorarium will primarily be informed through email. The selected articles will be published in IChemE POPSIG Newsletter.
  11. If you encounter any issue with the submission, or you have any specific questions about the competition, please do not hesitate to email to