Securing a new job

Here’s how your IChemE membership can help:

The Chemical Engineer

Use your subscription to The Chemical Engineer to find out what’s going on in industry and access the latest news and technical articles. Get daily updates to keep you informed of which companies are doing well, which industries are expanding, and to help you get an accurate picture of the job market.

Find all the latest job listings by category on The Chemical Engineer jobs board.

Member groups

As a member of IChemE you have access to the best resources for career information – your peers. Attend regional member group events to make new contacts, learn from those who may have started a new job and can offer tips and advice, or members with recruitment experience may be able to explain what they look for in a candidate.

Special interest groups

If you are interested in a particular sector of chemical engineering why not get involved with the appropriate special interest group (SIG)? Meet other engineers who work in your field and use these contacts to find out which companies are hoping to expand, who to send your CV to, and how to get into your chosen industry. As an IChemE member you can join as many SIGs as you like as part of your membership subscription.

Become professionally registered

IChemE is licenced to award various registrations on behalf of the Engineering Council, Science Council, Society for the Environment, ENGINEERS EUROPE, and the Environment Agency.

We are also an approved assessment entity for Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) registration.

We’ve summarised the registrations available to each of our membership grades below:

For more information visit the registrations area.

Practical advice on searching and applying for jobs

The information listed on our practical job-hunting advice page contains various webinars, resources and articles offering advice and guidance on how to write a CV, how to prepare for an interview, what to expect from psychometric tests and assessment centres and much more.