ICP: Technical Report Questionnaire

Following the review of a Technical Biography, it is common for our assessors to request further information in order to complete their assessment of your underpinning knowledge and understanding. If, as a follow-on from your Technical Biography, you are asked to complete a Technical Report Questionnaire (TRQ) we will specify which areas of the ICP standard you should provide different/additional examples and/or greater detail.

If you have any questions about your application please contact the membership team by email or by calling +44 (0) 1788 578214.

"With the feedback from my Technical Biography, the Technical Report Questionnaire was a really easy process to follow."

Application process

#1 Prepare your application

When preparing your Technical Report Questionnaire you should focus solely on the numbered sections identified by the assessors.

If you believe that one or more modules from your qualifications meet the ICP requirements you should state the title of the module(s) and, if possible, the module code(s). To support this, it is helpful to include the university or college's description of the module's learning outcomes (where relevant to the TRQ section. If you do not have their description, please give details of your learnings from the module(s)).

If you believe that you meet the ICP requirements through professional experience you should indicate what you have learnt that meets the TRQ requirement, how you acquired this knowledge (eg a particular project) and, where possible, describe how you have applied this learning to other relevant situations. 

#2 Submit your application

Applying for Associate Member (IEng) and Chartered Member (CEng) level

If you have been asked to submit a TRQ, you will need to complete the application type 'ICP - TRQ IEng' or 'ICP - TRQ CEng', depending on the level you are being assessed for. Here you will be shown the areas you need to complete in line with your Technical Biography feedback. As with the Technical Biography, your responses can be entered into the online application form ready for you to submit or, if you have been using the preparatory template to compile your submission, this information can be copied and pasted into your application. 

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#3 Technical Report Questionnaire assessment

Your Technical Report Questionnaire will be reviewed against the same requirements as your Technical Biography. 

#4 Assessment outcomes

Once your submission has been assessed, your application will meet one of the following outcomes:

  1. The requirements have been met by your TRQ. You will be invited to an interview.
  2. The requirements have almost been met by your TRQ. You will be asked to make revisions based on feedback from the assessors. Please note that your TRQ can only be revised once.
  3. The requirements have not been met by your TRQ. We may suggest undertaking further learning or experience to address specific gaps and return to the process once this has been completed.

#4 Technical Report Questionnaire interview

Your assessors will discuss your application with you to further explore your knowledge and understanding. The interview will focus on the sections you completed for your TRQ, and would not normally cover sections that met the requirements through the Technical Biography.

Technical Report Questionnaire interviews are normally held virtually via Microsoft Teams. 

#5 Final outcomes

After your interview, the assessors will consider your interview and we will confirm if you have been successful in completing your Stage 1 application.