Safety and Loss Prevention

Oil and Gas (Downstream)

The incident summaries provide a brief description of the event and highlight key points (including basic causes, critical factors, root causes and lessons learned) in addition to signposting interested readers to the detailed investigation report and selected other pertinent reference materials.

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Feyzin - 04 January 1966

Incident: Propane Storage Sphere Rupture. Location: France. Keywords: BLEVE; deluge; Feyzin; fire; hydrate; ice; Joule-Thomson; procedure; rupture; sphere; training; valve. Author: Peter Marsh.

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Romeoville - 23 July 1984

Incident: Amine absorber catastrophic failure. Location: USA. Keywords: crack; embrittlement; explosion; FCC; HAZ; LPG; MEA; PWHT; Romeoville; rupture; SOHIC; SSC; weld. Author: Peter Marsh.

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Grangemouth - 22 March 1987

Incident: Vessel overpressure and catastrophic failure. Location: UK. Keywords: alarm; breakthrough; design; explosion; Grangemouth; HCU; hydrocracker; MoC; procedure; PSV; separator; training. Author: Peter Marsh.

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Milford Haven - 24 July 1994

Incident: Flare line rupture. Location: United Kingdom. Keywords: alarm, corrosion, DCS, explosion, FCC, flare, maintenance, Milford, MoC, risk, rupture, troubleshooting. Author: Peter Marsh.

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Avon - 23 February 1999

Incident: Naphtha Spill During Maintenance. Location: USA. Keywords: audit; Avon; corrosion; escape; fire; maintenance; MoC; naphtha; permit; procedure; risk; supervision; training; valve. Author: Peter Marsh.

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Humber - 16 April 2001

Incident: Deethaniser overhead line rupture. Location: UK. Keywords: communication, corrosion, deethaniser, design, erosion, geometry, Humber, injection, MoC, USGP, washwater. Author: Peter Marsh.

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Texas City - 23 March 2005

Incident: Raffinate splitter liquid overfill. Location: USA. Keywords: blowdown, explosion, fatality, ISOM, MoC, NSU, overfill, procedure, PSV, splitter, Texas, trailer, vent. Author: Peter Marsh.

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Delaware City - 05 November 2005

Incident: Hydrocracker Reactor Nitrogen Asphyxiation. Location: USA. Keywords: asphyxiation; confined; Delaware; hydrocracker; nitrogen; oxygen; permit; procedure; purge; rescue. Author: Peter Marsh.

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McKee - 16 February 2007

Incident: Propane piping rupture. Location: USA. Keywords: chlorine, dead-leg, design, EBV, fire, fireproofing, freeze, McKee, MoC, rupture. Author: Peter Marsh.

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Anacortes - 02 April 2010

Incident: Catastrophic heat exchanger shell rupture. Location: USA. Keywords: Anacortes; clad; exchanger; explosion; fouling; HTHA; instrumentation; lining; Nelson; PWHT; rupture; shell. Author: Peter Marsh.

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Richmond - 06 August 2012

Incident: Light gas oil sidedraw line rupture. Location: USA. Keywords: CDU, corrosion, design, fire, fittings, HTSC, pipe, Richmond, risk, silicon, smoke. Author: Peter Marsh.

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