Safety and Loss Prevention

Hazards 3

11—12 April 1967

(Published as IChemE Symposium series no. 25)

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1. The explosive decomposition of ethylene oxide vapour under pressure, Part II

J. H. Burgoyne, K. E. Bett and R. Lee

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2. The evaluation and control of hazards due to self-heating

K. Gugan

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3. Stratification and mixing of fluids of different densities

S. J. Leach

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4. Fire hazards in chemical plant from friction sparks involving the thermite reaction

N. Gibson, F. C. Lloyd and R. Perry

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5. The influence of safety considerations on the design of an acetic acid plant

D. A. Claydon

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6. The development of detonation over-pressures in pipelines

A. D. Craven and T. R. Greig

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7. The measurement of quenching diameters and their relation to the flameproof grouping of gases and vapours

J. R. Grove

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8. Comparison of national requirements for electrical apparatus for use in hazardous atmospheres

H. G. Riddlestone

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9. Asbestos - a new hazard

T. Gadian

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10. The explosibility of dusts in small-scale tests and large-scale industrial plant

K. N. Palmer and P. S. Tonkin

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11. The use of flame arresters for protection of enclosed equipment in propane-air atmospheres

K. N. Palmer and Z. W. Rogowski

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12. Calculation of transient forces during emergency escape of gases from an autoclave with special reference to design methods

W. A. Woods and R. E. Thornton

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13. An emergency condensing system for a large propylene oxide polymerisation reactor

M. Kneale and G. M. Forster

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